Living in alignment looks a lot like Self Care right now.

It sounds a lot like “No”. No to others, No to activities that don’t fuel me and No to anything I’m told I *should* be doing but that my soul doesn’t jump for joy at. It sounds like “No”, but in reality it’s a big, fat “Yes” to me. Yes to things that make me feel happy, excited, and balanced.

It looks like a lot of time with friends and family, balanced with a lot of introvert time spent reading, watching documentaries, journaling and getting crystal clear about what I want.

It feels like taking my time and being present in exactly where I am right now. Because when you trust that good things naturally exist and are meant to be in your life, then you can relax and enjoy the WHOLE process. From the instant you decide what you want, to the one you take action towards it. From the trust that things are happening even when we don’t see the progress, to the moment we see our lives match our dreams. Moment to moment. Loving every second of it.

The idea that we have to work or struggle to get what we want is an awful story we choose to tell – or not tell ourselves. We can choose joy, rest, play, love, anything to be how we manifest. I’m choosing easy, fun and exciting as my compasses for creation.

What are you creating and what does it feel like?


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