Looking up is the best way for me to practice stillness throughout my day.

When I look ahead I observe. I scan my surroundings. Maybe it’s for work and I look for something that needs my attention, that is calling for some action. Maybe it’s for entertainment and I’m judging what’s in front of me: Do I like this? Do I not like this? Or maybe I just feel I need to be engaged, to remain reactive to what’s in front of me.

But when I look up I am reminded to breathe. To be present.

The passing of the clouds remind me movement is happening no matter how slow it seems. No need to worry or rush.

The night sky tells me, just like there’s space between the stars, there can be space between my thoughts.

And in this case, the rustling of the tropical leaves above show me a tree can sway while remaining grounded. You can too.


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