Sequoias are an amazing feast to the eyes.

Having not visited Sequoia National Park since I was a kid, we opted to make it a stop on our road trip back from Yosemite. As prepared as I felt to see these beautiful giants, being up close to them was incredibly humbling. With a height of over 25o feet and over 30 in diameter, they are truly nature’s skyscrapers. Not only that but they can live up to 3,000 years old and have been around for over 200 million years, making them one of earth’s longest living organisms. Incredible.

But, the most fascinating thing to me about sequoias wasn’t their size or even their age. It was the fact that they are surprisingly fire resistant and that the sequoia seeds actually need fire to break open.

For years, fire prevention was said to have slowed down the growth of new sequoias trees. When it was discovered that fires actually crack the cones open, clear the forest floor brush and allow for light to seep in, it cleared the way for this thousand year old species to continue thriving.

It reminded me that we can’t be afraid of change, no matter what that looks like. What might look like destruction might actually be growth, demanding you be cracked open.

Do it.

Brave the fire.

Let the light in and trust that the life breaking through on the other side will be worth it.


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