What do you do when things go wrong? Or even when things just don’t feel they’re going right?

In the past I would have wallowed. Asked myself why is this happening to me and felt forgotten by the universe.

These days I ask myself why is this happening FOR me? What lesson can I learn from this? Where is this pushing me to grow beyond what I know?

And if the answer doesn’t come to me then I sit with the discomfort. I don’t try and avoid it anymore than I let it try to persist. Discomfort is part of the human experience. We spend so much of our resources trying to avoid it but the reality of it is we can’t altogether. So I don’t try to.

I’ve learned that if I can sit with it, without feeding it anger or fearful thoughts, without letting the incessant chatter from my mind takeover, the discomfort will eventually subside.

If I can be the observer of my discomfort and not the owner of it -because there is a difference- it will pass. And when it does, it will lead me back to the blank slate from which I can tackle the questions again: Why is this happening for me? What can I learn?


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