Years ago, mid conversation with this girl right here, a moment of clarity came through and with it a small epiphany.

What if we knew we came here to be happy.

What if somewhere along the way, we had overcomplicated things to the point that we forgot our sole (soul!) purpose was to feel Joy.

What if we subconsciously knew that we could make everything we wanted possible, if only we could stay in the feeling of Joy long enough. If we didn’t break character, so to speak. If we didn’t overthink. If we didn’t second guess ourselves and turn over that joy into anxiety, worry or fear.

What if we manifested not through trials, tribulations and hard work, but what if we manifested through Joy.

How much easier would life be if we knew we manifested through Joy?

For a brief moment there, while sitting in our living room, I stopped seeing us for the physical beings and instead pictures as two playful and ageless souls. Laughing at ourselves for ever having doubted our own ability to make our dreams a reality and having forgotten that the road to them could always be found if we followed our own bliss.

Here’s to remembering what we always knew.

Here’s to following your Joy.


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